Tini MS

Martina Schepperle


" The secret of art is that it makes desires recognizable and caresses the soul. "

Tini MS 



Tini MS (Martina Schepperle) is a professional German Artist.

She lives in Austria , in the near from Kitzbühel .
She loves the Natur and the Alps.

Tini MS is currently a master student of Markus Lüpertz at the Kunstakademie Kolbermoor.
Her painting has been exhibited and admired nationally as well as in Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France and Luxembourg.
Her art explores "being oneself" and the questions of life in relation to creation, nature, the universe and love. Situations, feelings and nature serve as inspiration to depict spiritual impressions and shape the process of Tini's work. Her bold and colourful abstract compositions are created with acrylic paints and linseed oil paint that she makes herself with pigments, on canvas or paper.